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Zach of all trades, expert of some*

I’m an experienced lead product designer with a passion for mobile design and e-commerce! With 10+ years in the field, I’ve honed my skills in *design, leadership, strategy, and teaching.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Selected Work

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Coupon Wallet

Creating a $400M+ revenue feature for customer savings

App Design
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Product Page

Transforming the shopping experience with a $12M redesign

App Design

What I Bring to the Team

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I prioritize aligning user experiences with overarching business goals, leveraging research and innovation to drive long-term value and growth.

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I thrive on teamwork to create user experiences that resonate. Through open communication and shared goals, I leverage collective strengths to craft innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

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Sweat the Details

My attention to detail ensures everything serves a purpose, resulting in a seamless user experience that delights and engages. By refining interactions and design elements, I enhance usability, consistency across platforms, and accessibility.

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As a UX designer, having a vision is crucial. It lets me look beyond what’s happening now and spot future opportunities. This vision guides me in setting long-term design goals, anticipating user needs, and crafting innovative solutions that can evolve alongside user expectations.

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My analytical skills are essential for diving into user data, recognizing patterns, and making informed design choices. They’re invaluable for conducting usability tests, analyzing user behavior, and refining designs based on data-driven insights.

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Business Minded

Understanding business goals and constraints is crucial. It helps align user experience improvements with broader business objectives, ensuring every design decision contributes to our success.

Kind Words from Peers

I can honestly say that Zach has been one of the most influential leaders and mentors I have had throughout my career. He took me in at the very beginning of my career and filled my time with so much encouragement and knowledge.

It’s been 2 years since his mentorship and I still look back on that time with gratitude. He is a designer I will always respect and look up to. He took the time to teach, challenge, listen, and motivate for better designs and experiences. He is a person you want to lead your team. A person who cares about those he is leading. I am a better designer because of him.

Baylee Froerer

UX Designer, RainFocus

Zach is a UX craftsman. He is passionate and methodical at understanding user needs, surfacing problems, building out ideas, and then validating them through user research.

His UX work has not only created better user experiences but has also generated positive financial outcomes.

Nate Greenwall

Senior Director of UX, Beyond, Inc.

Zach’s exceptional combination of creativity, expertise, and strategic thinking make him a great design manager and mentor.

Whenever I need assistance or guidance, he is always available to provide me with excellent advice/ feedback. Based on my experience working with him, I highly recommend him for any design manager positions.

Sheena Corwin

Senior UX Designer, Beyond, Inc.

Zach is a true advocate for the customer. He is willing to push back against business and stakeholder assumptions and do the work to surface real customer issues, validate hypothesis through continued research and push for innovative solutions that delight our customers and drive repeat and continued business.

Tyler Aston

Frmr Apps Product Manager, Overstock

Zach is the perfect example of crafting the best user experience through nurturing the customer first narrative and creating compelling UX designs that drive home familiarity and comfort for every user who comes across it. Working along-side his dedication to design and user journeys within any given product is highly valuable and insightful for both marketing and product decision makers. His compassion allows him to think of every little detail from the customer mindset, and is crucial in creating an exciting product interface to bring to the market.

Mackenzie Quinn

Product Marketing Manager, Beyond, Inc.

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