Hey there! I’m Zach. 👋
I enjoy making products that look good, work well, and solve problems.

I am currently a UX Designer at Overstock in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I’m not working, I love a good IPA, learning new coding languages, and trying to better the world through design.

I consider myself a “Zach of All Trades” because I’ve worn several hats during my career so far; design, code, strategy, etc. you name it. Let’s work together and get ship done.

Zach of all trades, proficient at some.

🎢 UI/UX Designer

I love creating simple and consistent web & mobile interfaces. The balance between the user’s interaction and the success of an experience is a challenge that I love to accept.

🏗 Front-End Developer

My love for coding comes from playing with LEGO sets as a kid. I like coding my own designs and feeling that experience again. I primarily use HTML, CSS and some (basic) Javascript.

💌 Email Marketing

As boring as some may think they can be, email funnels and campaigns continue to be the most profitable conversion channel for any business. Let’s work together and create emails that will delight and convert.

Recent projects that had me thinking in the shower:

🐶 Designing, building, and launching a new identity & website for Oxyfresh →

🚴 Creating a new digital experience and identity for Life Matters →

👔 Reinventing a best-selling author and coach at Bliss Business →

Redesigning and repositioning a rock corporation for Eucon Corporation →

Wanna chat about a project or design philosophies? I’m always available to talk here.